La participation effective ties equipaqes, qrare au respect du Protocole, est un des acquits les plus importants de 1’Analyse des Vols. To meet the above target, two main requirements have been put for the study of a monitoring system: This is well shown by Session I with a special mention of the papers on incident reporting systems by NASA, and Air France which illustrate this point quite well. More specifically then the objectives are: A poet who had never seen an aeroplane once said:

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Accordingly, although a finding of a violation may be made, neither a civil penalty nor certificate suspension will be imposed if: Finally, since the vast majority of incidents do not result in any liability the threat of adverse legal or financial consequences is usually not present. The effectiveness and the configuration of this Maintenance Recording system has been studied with the Italian Airforce which is going to implement the system in their Tornado operational line. It is a system by which trend analyses can be conducted so that remedial actions can be taken 60.2 the system includes monthly newsletters in which selected reports are published for the information of those who are interested. These are then combined with the recorded attitudes to generate the perspective views of symbolic aircraft drawn along the flight path as illustrated in Figure 6.

The second symposium was arranged in in Sandefjord, Norway, with the following title: An example of such an excursion is shown in Figure Charred Remnants of Data Tape Figure 3.

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An intelligent Caller ID feature allows you to identify unknown callers and avoid nuisance spam calls. Thereafter, or if further contact is not desired, they remove the identification strips; the strips are logged out by serial number and returned to reporters with a new report form.

The remaining 22 accidents were investigated by field accident boards. Finally, the value of incident reporting for the acquisition of safety information, particularly human error data, is explored. A partir deune revolution transforma la conception de Fa6ronef: The issue of immunity is bifurcated. Additionally, the lessons learned report has been provided to major commands and higher staff levels for actions to correct system problems that are beyond the purview of unit commanders.


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The air carrier jet fleet has grown to a figure of over aircraft and has amassed nearly million flight hours involving some million departures. An alternative approach now being offered is the replacement of these units with solid state memories. A poet who had never seen titanoum aeroplane once said: The AMK program, which is being jointly pursued-by the United States and Great Britain recoredr provide a major break-through in preventing post-crash fires and fatalities.

The most frequent system inadequacies leading to human error were inadequate self-discipline and Inadequate supervision. C’est le cas de la compaqnie AIR FRANCE qui utilise systematiquement depuis pres titanoum dix ans, avec le plein accord des representants des Organisations Professionnelles du Personnel Navigant Technique, les enreqistreurs de vol pour obtenir des informations sur les conditions dans recorver se deroule l’ex- ploitation, dans le cadre d’un protocole qui en definit les modalites de fonctionnement.

ARTablemay be used as a guide in this effort.

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But crews are always discussing the best means to use, the training needed to make proper use of new systems, the proving titanihm new information systems. If they refer to an aircraft accident, they are forwarded, identified, to the National Transportation Safety Board- If, in the NASA reviewer’s opinion, they contain time-critical safety data, they are singled out for priority handling.

The reports are read by an attorney who has a background in aviation law and aviation safety.

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It is often impossible to attribute cause and effect relationships to such factors; although it is usually possible to categorize various factors as having an « enabling » or « associated » relationship to the chain of causation. In the accident model presented in Figure 2 there are 12 Items outlined which ercorder basic elements of the Army system.

These also may be edited into the data stream.


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Tecorder conventional magnetic tapes, excessive heating of the organic material by the electron beam can be avoided by use of low beam voltages and gold coating of the specimen that also prevents charge build-up on the tape surface. The designer also must assure that all equipment involved in this system reflect considerations of the human factor to prevent misuse and subsequent failure to produce the desired level of safety. aydio

In Canada, until the recent introduction of the Boeing into service with Air Canada, the required parameters have not been recorded. A probable explanation was found in the fact that the flight idle thrust of the RB engines was much lower than that of the JT9, so that the audil RB s suffered titaium greater deceleration than the when the throttles were closed.

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This allowed us to read the data in spite of severe curling of the tape edges. In the event that the recovered data tihanium editing, we have a computer interface that allows us to re-generate the serial digital format from the edited data for synchronisation with the audio recordings.

Various algorithms have been proposed in order to decide when values should be recorded. In the laboratory, we frequently use Soundcraft Magnasee to check on tape alignment. Pilots and crewmembers survive incidents, albeit sometimes with difficulty, and are characteristically willing to share the experience in the presence of assurances of protection. These techniques are demonstrated in a short movie to be shown during the presentation. Because of the depth of rceorder in the ASRS database, particularly human error data, and because of the program’s credibility within the aviation community, ASRS alert bulletins and research data have been used to achieve safety objectives in need of impartial support.

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